Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Because of the approaching cost of oxygen $15 is all I can spare.

Times are tough. It cost $3.00 to start you car and leave your driveway. Natural gas prices are about to make us take turns sitting under the hair dryer . The list goes on and on these days...What is a flyfisher to do? Well if you are like me you are searching for the overlooked in the crevices and alleyways of the fishing gear. I have compiled a list of things that I feel are worth mentioning and all ring in at, or under $15.

Crystal River Cahill CR0001a fly reel. Sure Crystal River is not known for their particular awesomeness, but this reel fits perfectly on a 7'6" 3wt rod, that it can all be overlooked. One minor problem is the drag knob, which was apparently designed for the hands of smurfs. The drag itself is very serviceable and the knob can be adjusted it is just smaller than most are used to. It holds a DT3 and about 20-30 yards of backing. The biggest draw for me is that it weigh 2.7oz. 2 1/2" rim control spool diameter it can fit in your 3yr olds pocket and they won't even know it's in there. Made of graphite. If you get into big fish this reel may not be for you. But, if you are like me and want something to hold line at the pond so you can watch five bluegill have a twelve minute conversations with your fly before one of them nibbles it. This reel is more than ideal. $13.99. is a picture of an 8' 4wt 3pc that I built on a blank from I'm not sure if these are factory seconds, or blemishes. I didn't find anything cosmetically wrong with them, so it's a mystery. But they cost $15 and it has become my favorite rod for smaller waters. A medium action rod that can throw line out if you need to. Light and nice. They have a couple of other weights and sizes listed and also sell component kits for cheap. If you have been meaning to get into making your own rod or want a new one that you can enjoy fishing I recommend these. But remember 5 minute epoxy sets in 5 minutes.

Berkley 510 fly reel. 3" spool holds quite a bit of line, good for the 6-8wts. The drag is adjusted by turning the knob in the center on the handle side. When you think about it if your reel is flying like crazy and a fish is peeling line out, I would think the last place you would want to stick your hand is in the middle of that blender of death hanging from your rod. But, It adds an element of excitement and this thing can stop a truck when you tighten the drag. It has been copied and you will notice there are a few reels on ebay that look exactly like the Berkley 510. Shakespeare made one called the Alpha. I bought the one in this picture for $11.

Bought this one, which is just marked Japan on the reel foot for $3.35.

I know what you are thinking. Why... this guy loves crap!?! ha! maybe but I honestly have been happy with using this stuff and will add to the list when I get more pictures available. When I was younger, fly fishing always intimidated me because of the cost, and the impression that it was a rich guys sport. In a sense it is but, the quality of higher end rods and reels can be astonishing and the pride of ownership is an important element. But there is something enjoyable about finding something that you really can use that fell by the wayside. I'm posting this stuff with the hope that maybe someone reading this that feels the same way I did will feel more comfortable trying out the sport. Plus I'm broke and this is the best I can do. Please feel free to add your finds in the comments section and I will post them accordingly.


At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

on that Berkley 510, does it have drag washer(s) under the drag knob?

I have one too and need the washers I think.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Lastcast said...

Yes there are washers under the drag knob. I will check for sure but if you don't have them I would assume the reel would have some play back and forth.


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